Freelance project management

I believe that:

  • Small entrepreneurs are the future.
  • Your local community is worth supporting
    • I support and encourage everyone else to support local independent festivals, artists, bakers, designers, florists, musicians, shop owners, etc etc etc.
  • Sharing knowledge is necessary and beneficial for everyone.
  • The world is changing fast, to be prepared to change is a good idea. Inspired by: Permanent Bèta, Nooit Af.

This is what I do:

Hi! I’m your Freelance Project Manager!

This defines most of the things I do. I help musicians, artists, and designers with new bookings and promotion. And I design events, shows, locations, meetings, pop-up shops, trips, excursions and models for groups, communities, and creatives; commonly called: ‘custom projects’.

I specialize in custom (academic) trips in the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany,  artist management, tour management, pop-up shops, workshops, hosting, presentation, and stage management.

Do you have an easy or complicated challenge that you would like a custom solution or energizer for? Let me know at


Helping creatives with structures that create new energy