End of the semester videos

Last week was the very last class of my course Intercultural Communication and Leadership at the office of CIEE Amsterdam. I will miss my students! The last class of the semester is usually a ‘digital story viewing party’. All students make a digital story of some of the lessons they learned during their study abroad. These lessons can be very personal and provide insight in how different the experience of different students can be. Today I want to share two stories of students who shared their stories publicly on YouTube.

This is a great story about culture shock. There are so many different degrees of culture shock! I am so glad that Emma decided to share her story and hope that others recognize some of their experiences in this story.

This second story is about language. In some time of the semester many of my students suddenly realize how lucky and privileged they are to have English as their first language.

Now I start my holidays checking the last papers and sending out final grades. It is such an amazing and valuable experience to see these students grow and learn during their stay abroad, I am happy I get to do it again next semester.

Intercultural Communication and Leadership is taught at CIEE study centers worldwide. More information on the CIEE website.

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