Co-working space for the European Local Makers Network


We have a 90 m2 co-working space available where you can:

  • Become part of an enthousiastic network of makers / online sellers.
  • Take pictures of your products in our common photostudio.
  • Share in the discount deals that we are collecting together with the European Local Makers Network.
  • Use the knowledge of different makers in the network, in, or out of the co-working network.
  • Rent an affordable work space in Westerpark in Amsterdam.

The idea of the European Local Makers Network is that we can do certain things because it is much cheaper if we do it together and this is a great example of one such initiatives.

The idea is that we make, host and occupy the space together. So keep in mind that everyone needs to schedule approx. 1 hour per week to help out with common tasks like picking up the mail, making sure the fridge has cold beers, showing someone where the photostudio is, etc.

Imagine if we would have a space together. We could have:

  • A space for your workshops
  • A space for your messy production (there will be a production area!)
  • A space for product presentations and events
  • A space where you can store your products, supplies, packaging materials.
  • A space where you can work together with others who make!

Sign up by sending an email to to be invited for our first meet-up where we decide how to start off this great space!

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