Project: Subscription Service for Flowers

I am very proud of my mother and aunts who have taken it upon them to modernize and update the services of their flower shop Rinus de Ruyter bloemisten. They now offer a ‘subscription service‘ where you automatically receive flowers every week / two weeks /month. I helped them to realize this project, together with Kingsquare in Beverwijk, who handled the technical side of things.

We determined two styles of bouquets for customers to choose from and named them ‘trend’ and ‘classic’.

See more pictures on the Rinus de Ruyter Facebook page.

Some interesting notes about this project:

  • This is a local service. Rinus de Ruyter is a local shop and offers this service for customers who live in the area: Heemskerk, Beverwijk, Uitgeest, Castricum, Wijk aan Zee and Velsen-Noord.
    • Actually, being a local florist has many advantages over a larger scale service that I didn’t expect before taking on this project:
      • Per order, they can keep into account the flowers or colors that an individual customer either loves or dislikes.
      • They can provide delivery times that fit the local customer, the customer can choose their own delivery day and choose if they want it delivered every week, every two weeks or every month.
      • The local florist already has a wide selection of flowers available because of the regular business they run. Therefore they can work with a wide selection of flowers and make artistic and creative combinations.
  • This project has been executed in cooperation with three local companies and a local designer; Kingsquare handled the technical side of things, as mentioned before, the flyers have been designed by Niels Visser in cooperation with Kennemer Print Service 



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