Creatives in a Broedmachine

The past few months I have been very involved in a project in the city of Beverwijk called ‘Broedmachine‘. Literally Broedmachine means ‘Incubator’, in English people call it a makerspace, start-up hub or artist community. Broedplaats might be a very Dutch concept.

I help the volunteers in this place organize. Broedmachine exists of 100% volunteers, it is a 2600 m2 building, managed, run and built completely by volunteers.  The sense of community behind this project is very strong, so there are tons of opportunities for me to mess up. The people who participate in this project have a very high intrinsic motivation to make this project a success. Together we work to become a self-sufficient and professional organization. To accomplish this I stand on the shoulders of giants such as Frederic Laloux, Martijn Aslander, Erwin Witteveen, Rutger Bregman and Otto Schämer.


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