European Local Makers Network exhibtion on the Amsterdam Maker Festival

Ohhh I am really looking forward to this weekend when 20 beautiful makers and artists will join the ELMN exhibit at the Amsterdam Maker Festival. I am especially impressed with all the people who volunteered to help out! It feels like teamwork!

Sarah designed the very first ever logo of the European Local Makers Network, tadaaaa:

elmn 1 v2.1
Thank you for the great design Sarah Evers! Get your website online so we can link to your beautiful products! ūüėČ


We have six volunteers who will be the exhibition supposts and give information to the visitors. And some of them do a live demonstration of their maker-skills when they’re there. Here is the schedule for the live demonstrations:

Ohpopup cards in the making

I know that you want to know who is ¬†in the exhibit, well, here’s the list!

Magan McNulty
Coloured Things
Anna Treurniet
Roses are Red
Studio Koekoek
Joor Creates
Elvira Krick
SB designs
TOEPAS creaties
Whispering Paper
Made by Mirjam
Sweet and Mellow
Charis Felice
Sara Meijer
Labour of Art

Want to see these designs in real life? See you at Makerversity at Amsterdam Maker Festival!

Super soft party cat toy.
Party Cat by Megan McNulty


And you know what! I’ll be doing some extra things at Amsterdam Maker Festival. I’ll host a short talk¬†(Pecha Kucha) on the different Pop-Up shops I co-organized to help people who want to start a shop with some more information. That’s Friday the 19th at 4 PM.

Even before that, on Friday the 19th at 1.30 PM, I’ll host a knowledge sharing session on Copy Cats. Together with all the participants who are there, we’ll do guided group conversations about copy cats and how you can deal with them. How to deal with Copy Cats.

Lastly, on Saturday the 20th of august, I’ll sit at a table and host a ‘First Aid Ideas’ session. This session/table is about Selling at Live Events. That’s from 1.30 to 3.30 PM, and as soon as I know where it is, I’ll let you know!

Exhibition European Local Makers Network

From August 19th to 21st, the Amsterdam Maker Festival will take place at the marineterrein in Amsterdam. European Local Makers Network will partcipate in this event with an exhibit and knowledge sharing sessions.

We will have a small space full of beautiful products by local makers in our network. Because I have a desk at Makerversity, where all the fun takes place, we can do this for a very small price per maker!

Moodboard of the exhibit by Jona from ohpopup! This should give you an indication of what our exhibit will look like.
Moodboard of the exhibit by Jona from ohpopup! This should give you an indication of what our exhibit will look like.

I am superexcited. This is exactely why I started the European Local Makers Network: to provide an affordable opportunity to lots of makers, facilitated by the network itself. We have volunteers who attend the exhibit and help out to protect each others stuff, we have people who help design different parts of the exhibit, people who help out with the selection process, really, it couldn’t be better!

Click here to go to the application form for makers.

More information about the Amsterdam Maker Festival
More information about ELMN
More information about Makerversity

Vondelpark Openluchttheater & Uit je Bak festival

Marten Fisher speelde afgelopen weekend op Edelwise Festival en in het Vondelpark openlucht theater in Amsterdam. Wat een mooie kans voor mij als tourmanager! Twee mooie Amsterdamse parken in één dag.

Marten Fisher in het Vondelpark

Na lekker over het terrein te hannessen met alle instrumenten bij Edelwise, kon ik gewoon met het busje door het Vondelpark rijden! Stapvoets natuurlijk, alle vergunningen uitgeprint achter het raam. En wat een mooi podium!

Ik ben super dankbaar aan mijn familie dat we het busje van de bloemenwinkel van mijn moeder & tantes mochten lenen. Rinus de Ruyter bloemisten heeft zomervakantie, en Marten Fisher is nog steeds op zoek naar een sponsor die wil helpen met het bandbusje. Vooral als we deze herfst naar de Popronde gaan! De optredens dit weekend in Amsterdam waren echt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Rinus de Ruyter bloemisten.

Rinus de Ruyter en Marten Fisher

Sowieso had ik hier niet gestaan zonder mijn familie en hun support. Ze steunen me altijd, en dankzij hen voel ik me veilig om te durven ondernemen. Ik weet dat ik altijd terug kan naar mijn familie en thuisbasis. Ik realiseer me dat niet iedereen dat heeft. Bedankt topfamilie!

Presentatie festival

En toen donderde ik van een trapje uit de artiestenkleedkamer. En nu loop ik op krukken. Zondag deed ik de presentatie van  het Uit je Bak Festival op krukken. En nu heb ik spierpijn van het podium op en af klauteren met krukken. Je moet er wat voor over hebben.

The YAKFA Cinema travels to Lowlands Festival

The YAKFA Cinema, the mobile cinema ANNNA and Oerknal rent out, made by Wim Aardenburg and Mike Schouten, is going places! It is going to Lowlands Festival and de Uitmarkt this year in cooperation with ARTtube. We are super proud.

yakfa cinema

ARTtube will show movies about art & design in the cinema, and in the evenings it will turn into a giant artwork itself with light projection art.

Arttube en yakfa cinema mobiele bioscoopCelebrate with us and come visit at one of these events!

TEDxAmsterdam Women

I am working with TEDxAmsterdam Women as head of their speaker team this year. I get a lot of inspiration out of TED talks myself, and my favorite moment to watch them is in the early morning, when I just woke up. A great start of the day!

It was a little bit surreal to be the one who announces the first confirmed speakers of ¬†a TEDxAmsterdam, and I was honored to do so. This was during the “Friends of TEDxAmsterdam Women” event in june. We announced the first three confirmed speakers there and announced the theme of this year:¬†Unraveled: The story behind the story.


Missed it? You can read all about TEDxAmsterdam Womens friends event here on the blog. We’re always open for new friends!

Marten Fisher – it’s on!

I am the manager of Dutch artist Marten Fisher, and I just wanted to let you all know that I am so proud that he is doing so well! Last week he launched his second official single, not counting his first unofficial single ‘Boulevard‘ that got him to the frontpage of the Coldplay website (!) But his second official single: Crazy!

Marten @ Surfana Festival last week
Marten @ Surfana Festival last week

Crazy is now available on iTunes and you can listen to it on Spotify:

However, he will also play live on Radio 2 in the Netherlands tomorrow! June 23rd! And we have all these interesting upcoming shows: Marten Fisher Tour Dates

Marten Fisher will play 'Crazy' live in the morning show of Gerard Ekdom
Marten Fisher will play ‘Crazy’ live in the morning show of Gerard Ekdom

Super proud!

Best new app: Duolingo

I’m practicing my Spanish with a new app that I can recommend to anyone! It’s called Duolingo, and if you speak English, you can learn many new languages, from Spanish to French to whatever you want to learn.


I’m practicing Spanish, and for a very special reason. I found my wedding dress in Spain! We’re getting married in November (yes! another great event to organize!) and the sales lady did not speak English, not a word. We were just passing by her store on our trip to Bilbao a few weeks ago, and there was this beautiful flowery dress, made in Spain, tailored to fit. And now, I am returning in September with my mom to go and do the final fittings.


Best reason ever.

Coming up: Etsy Craft Party

The next event that I am co-organizing in the Netherlands is:1767_craft-party-2016_social_twitter-post_1024x512

It is taking place on Saturday, July 2nd in Amsterdam. We are hosting it at the beautiful location of Makerversity in Amsterdam, where I rent a co-work desk at the moment.


You can read more about the event at the Eventbrite page for Etsy Craft Party in Amsterdam.

European Local Makers Network (ELMN)

Last Thursday we made a start for the European Local Makers Network (ELMN)! Let me tell you a little more about this initiative. I started a Meetup group a while ago with makers from the Amsterdam area. There is so much potential in this group! So when Makerversity Amsterdam hosted an open night for new members, we decided to tag along and speak about the things we could do as a group of enthusiastic makers. Psssst.. did you know that Makerversity Amsterdam membership is free for the whole month of April??

So we have lots of ideas for projects, knowledge sharing sessions and collective discounts now. I’m so curious what the future will bring!

We need some help in getting these things done. Do you want to co-host a session or help out with a certain project? Do let me know at!


My three favorite apps

Since I got my new Fairphone 2… (I love my new phone!) I reinstalled the apps that I really like and thought of sharing them with you. Nothing in this post is sponsored, except for the link to Amazon & Audible. Just to be sure: I loved Audible before I discovered the possibility of a sponsored post by Audible, but I just wanted to let you know that this post is sponsored so if you register with them I get money, so is that clear, so if you want to support my business and goals you could click on this link, but also if you want really good audiobooks. Now on to the apps:

Headspace Meditation App

The Headspace app teaches you about meditation and guides you through meditation sessions. I find meditation very hard. I dislike sitting down and doing nothing. But the headspace app has cute little icons that explain what meditation is and how it can help you to get a calmer mind. If you know me, you know I need it.

Headspace – How It Works from Headspace on Vimeo.

And it is not unimportant to note that Headspace has Andy. Andy is the voice of headspace. (I want to say that he’s the voice in your head but that sounds creepy). He appears in little clips in the app to further explain some of the practices (you do not have to sit cross-legged on the floor in order to practice meditation). Andy also has a funny accent. And a funny last name. For a monk. Anyway, it’s not about his last name (its Puddicombe!) But his voice and accent make the app feel real personal to me.

It feels like a real person is talking to you, helping you, and guiding you trough the meditation session. Of course Andy Puddicombe is a real person, but a real person whose recorded voice is guiding 18,098 people through meditation as we speak. And, he was also a circus artist once. Anyway, it might seem strange, but I like to listen to this funny lad with his funny accent. It helps me to learn how to meditate.


If you want to try out Headspace. The first 10 sessions are for free and then you can decide how much you like it.

Audible for Audiobooks

Screenshot of my personal Audible app.

I looooove listening to audiobooks. Why? Because you can listen to them while your vacuuming, cooking, doing laundry, painting your new house (in my case), and while on public transport. I use the Audible App by Amazon. They give you the first two books for free and after that, you can decide if you want a subscription.

I love listening to books on my daily commute, because although I usually like people, I appreciate a distraction from all those random people who come so close to you on public transport. That’s not very mindful of me, I know. But while they’re all discussing the latest gossip on their phone, grinding their teeth or cleaning their nails (that’s the worst!), I can relax and listen to a book. I can assure you that it’s been a long time since I have read so many books!! My favorites so far:

“But Annabel! I can’t believe you hadn’t read -Fill in title here- yet?!”I know. Because there are so many things to do, I just didn’t have enough time to hold a book in my hands. But now I just listen to these books while I’m doing all kinds of tedious tasks and I’m really glad I did! I feel so well-read. And I wish you the same!

If This Than That

And then the last app of my current favorites: it’s called: If This Then That. Or IFTTT. Programmers would be familiar with this terminology, but it sounded like a mystery to me at first. I’ll try to explain it simply. I would ask the app:¬†If I post any picture on Instagram Then you will post it as a visible picture on my twitter account for me.


That’s why I have actual pictures on twitter instead of links to instagram! And then it can solve all kinds of other riddles. If I am close to my house, Then turn on the lights. If the weather forecast reports rain tomorrow, Then send me a message. If I’m home, Then unmute my phone. Simple, easy, works. Get IFTTT here.

This post is sponsored by Audible.