Broedmachine en de gouden eieren

Ik ben mede-oprichter van de Beverwijkse broedplaats Broedmachine. Het is een super creatieve organisatie, met interessante uitdagingen en complexiteiten. Daar over schreef ik deze blog: Broedmachine en de gouden eieren.  

Twelve steps to becoming a great intercultural communicator: Ethnocentrics Anonymous

What if I would base my classes on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous? The principles of AA are world-famous and are proven to work. Just like learning intercultural skills, it is about a perspective shift of the student. It involves deconstructing and reconstructing personal beliefs. Triggered by these thoughts, I decided to use AA’s principles […]

LCTCS Conferentie New Orleans

Vorige week was ik uitgenodigd op de conferentie van de Louisiana Community and Technical College System (LCTCS) in New Orleans. Ik was daar om te vertellen over het Study Abroad programma over watermanagement dat ik heb georganiseerd voor LCTCS in samenwerking met CIEE. Hierbij een foto via Chancellor Roberts van het Northshore Technical Community College: […]

Broedplaats in Permanent Beta

Op 27 november spreek ik op de Permanent Beta dag in Utrecht over de oprichting van de Broedmachine. Het boek ‘Nooit Af’ Permanent Beta is een grote persoonlijke inspiratiebron in mijn werk (en leven). Ik wist het niet, totdat iemand het in een boek schreef. Ken je dat? En nu kan ik wat ik doe […]

Creatives in a Broedmachine

The past few months I have been very involved in a project in the city of Beverwijk called ‘Broedmachine‘. Literally¬†Broedmachine means ‘Incubator’, in English people call it a makerspace, start-up hub or artist community. Broedplaats might be a very Dutch concept. I help the volunteers in this place organize. Broedmachine exists of 100% volunteers, it […]

Kids learn through lego

At the moment I’m involved¬†with Young Engineers in the Netherlands to teach kids about science, engineering, programming, and mathematics with the help of LEGO bricks and LEGO’s educational program WeDo. I looooove it. I never knew I loved working with kids so much! They make the most amazing creations and have so much creativity to […]

European Local Makers Network exhibtion on the Amsterdam Maker Festival

Ohhh I am really looking forward to this weekend when 20 beautiful makers and artists will join the ELMN exhibit at the Amsterdam Maker Festival. I am especially impressed with all the people who volunteered to help out! It feels like teamwork! Sarah designed the very first ever logo of the European Local Makers Network, […]

Exhibition European Local Makers Network

From August 19th to 21st, the Amsterdam Maker Festival will take place at the marineterrein in Amsterdam. European Local Makers Network will partcipate in this event with an exhibit and knowledge sharing sessions. We will have a small space full of beautiful products by local makers in our network. Because I have a desk at […]