Ik ben in China!

Foto’s zeggen meer dan 1000 woorden, daar moest ik aan denken toen ik deze foto’s terugzag van vorig jaar. Op weg naar de bruiloft van mijn nichtje moesten we overstappen in Xiamen in China. Daar hadden we 12 uur de tijd om de stad te verkennen. En ik vond het zo. ontzettend. leuk.  Dat kan […]

Creatives in a Broedmachine

The past few months I have been very involved in a project in the city of Beverwijk called ‘Broedmachine‘. Literally Broedmachine means ‘Incubator’, in English people call it a makerspace, start-up hub or artist community. Broedplaats might be a very Dutch concept. I help the volunteers in this place organize. Broedmachine exists of 100% volunteers, it […]

Kids learn through lego

At the moment I’m involved with Young Engineers in the Netherlands to teach kids about science, engineering, programming, and mathematics with the help of LEGO bricks and LEGO’s educational program WeDo. I looooove it. I never knew I loved working with kids so much! They make the most amazing creations and have so much creativity to […]

Hosting at the Beyond RCT Conference

Last Monday I was the day host at a conference about citizen-driven research called Beyond RCT. RCT’s are Randomized Controlled Trials, a method that is often used in medical research. The goal of the conference was to expand the scope of research, and to find ways to include findings by patients and non-medical professionals into […]