Workshops & teaching

Intercultural Communication & Leadership

I currently teach ‘Intercultural Communication & Leadership’ to US American students aged 20-21 at the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) in Amsterdam. This course counts for 3 ECTS and has been developed by CIEE to teach at CIEE locations worldwide. I have been teaching this course since February 2014 and I love it.

More information about Intercultural Communication & Leadership at CIEE.

Through my experience at CIEE and academic development as an interculturalist, I have developed a passion for Intercultural Communication & sharing information about Dutch Culture. Interested in  developing a specific intercultural program or workshop for your institution or company? Contact me at

E2 Young Engineers Kids Workshops with LEGO

For Young Engineers, I teach the Bricks Challenge and the Robo Bricks programs for kids who want to combine playing & learning about engineering, machines, and programming.

Helping creatives with structures & workshops

I am available to host workshops, evenings and gatherings for creatives and other restless people. I use methods from Art of Hosting and Theory U to gather or harvest the knowledge that is already within the group. Examples of workshops I have hosted & organized:

Bijeenkomsten rond vragen die er toe doen.

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