Fear (in Dutch)

I joined the last edition of TEDxAmsterdam as a volunteer and looooved it. Even though your pretty busy as a volunteer, I got to see the main part of the talk of Damiaan Denys. And it might very well be one of the best talks of this edition. It makes you laugh at your own fears. It’s in Dutch as Mr. Denys is at his best in Dutch, but since I live in the Netherlands and many of my clients are Dutchies, I really wanted to share this with you:

I would definitely recommend volunteering at a TED (x) event if you got the chance! As an event organizer, I got a very valuable peek at all things going on backstage. All the stagemangers, the timing, the food and the decor, it was very well done. Plus, you get to be at the TED conference!

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