Freelancing at Makerversity

For the past few months, I have been freelancing at Makerversity Amsterdam. This is a company where I felt at home straight away. At first, I rented my own flex-desk at their co-working space, which is super inspirational, interesting and challenging too! I had to get out of the comfort zone of my own home and speak to people! In the mornings! Hahaha it made me a better person and a better freelancer!

The first question I had to get used to is: ‘what do you do?’ In a co-working space full of makers, I felt embarrassed not to be making anything.  Usually, I would stumble something like: ‘I make meetings and teach…’ Once I felt at ease and started to get out of my shell, Makerversity hired me as a freelancer to fill in some gaps until they hired their very own General Manager. So: yay! for getting out there and getting a job! This experience set me up with so many interesting opportunities and contacts.. I would recommend everyone to visit, join and make at Makerversity! Here are some inspiring pictures to make my point:


More information on the Makerversity Amsterdam website. 

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